Got my bars in the mail yesterday. They came very quickly after being shipped. I received the Cheris Hibiscus Moisturizing bar and the Honey Shea Shampoo bar. Too bad it's not wash day, lol. I cannot say enough about her customer service/people skills. She's awesome.
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Let us know how it goes.
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Yesterday wasn't my wash day BUT I decided to try out one of the bars anyway, lol. I tried the Cheris Hibiscus Moisturizing bar, and I loved it. My felt more moisturized after using that bar and applying my usual products than anything I've ever tried before. I have a section of hair at the crown of my head that always feels slightly drier than the rest of my hair, especially the day after I wash, but now my whole head feels super soft and hydrated. I am definitely pleased.

Oh, and if anyone has never tried the Cheris Hibiscus Moisturizing bar and you are curious about it I posted a complete review with pictures on my blog. The link to my blog is in my siggie.
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