I bought this stuff yesterday and I can already tell it's my new HG! So glad I decided to try this out.

I was getting droopy separated curls like I always do when the season changes, and I frantically look for something to help. Well this did the trick! Just a pea size amount under a little gel and I've got amazing curls!

And it smells awesome so that's a bonus.
Fine, 3a/3b
Modified CG
Low Poo: TJ's TTT, ACV/beer Rinses once a month or so, Soap Bars once in a while, Carols Daughter Khoret Amen shampoo
Conditioner: AOHR, AOGPB, Suave Coconut, vo5 Kiwi, etc
HE gels, occasional hairspray, Garnier Fructis Curl shaping gel spray, FSG when I actually make it
Honey/AVG only in the summer

HG I fell into the craze and my hair is happy with Deva! No Poo, Angel, and one condish = awesome hair day.
My hair loves Protein!