I made a huge mistake and "trimmed" my hair and now its shorter. Been trying to grow it out. Always a failure. I think my layers that I had even got messed up.
I have been trying to style it the way I normally do, and it just doesn't look right!
So now I ran across this picture: http://i2.squidoocdn.com/resize/squi...ihGTQE1qze0jc.

And I realized that my hair length is somewhat similar to hers, as well as the texture!

But I do not now how on earth I can get it to look like that in terms of volume and styling! Could anyone please tell me what I can do? Anyone know of techniques? I have been having so many issues getting my hair to have lots of volume, cause I feel like thats the best way to make it look great. I want my hair to look free and crazy, yet still have great curl definition! I am sooo tired of dealing with my hair.

Since it seems like its really going to take awhile to grow long, I figured, I might as well figure out something to still make it look great and fun!

All tips will greatly be appreciated!!!!