last night....

i was walking down a hall in a strange apartment building and gee, i was wearing BEAUTIFUL clothes!

i opened the door to one unit and walked in to a place that was all decorated in white and silver, the better to admire the view through the wrap-around windows.

it reminded me of photos i've seen of Stockholm or St. Petersburg, Russia or Venice, a city of islands; except this city had a church on an island apart from the main town, much like Mont. St. Michel off the coast of Normandy in France. to say that it was beautiful would be a huge understatement.

i poured a glass of wine and went to sit out on the balcony. the sky was clear and there was one of those weather phenomenon that allow you to clearly see to the other side of the lake or bay or narrow sea and i could see the outline of buildings dotted across the other side.

suddenly the door to the apartment opened and a group of people trooped in. i went and told them that i was borrowing this place from the owner and they should leave. and someone said that they knew that, but the owner said they could have a party. they were putting out food and wine on the table and sideboard and told me i could help myself and then proceeded to ignore me.

after a little while, one man must have felt sorry for me and comes out on the balcony to talk to me. i don't remember what we talked about.

and then i woke up - not in some gorgeous city!

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