It was. It looked like she wanted to kiss him. Or maybe I'm reading into it, since I would have liked to.
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I thought it was just me! I wondered if there was something going on
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I forgot about that. Yes, it was strange.
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This is what Jeff said when he was interviewed:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You know we’re about to talk all about that big smooch from Dawson, right? What were you thinking as she leaned in for the kiss, and what was your reaction after? Is your wife Lisa on your case about it?

Honestly, it did take me by surprise. Nothing like that has ever happened. As I snuffed her torch I felt her really staring and connecting with me. It was as if she had already accepted her fate and was now looking for her goodbye from me. As she leaned in toward me I thought she was going to kiss me right on the lips. It was one of those moments that slowed way down as it was happening. Dawson is an “in the moment” girl and though I have no idea what she was thinking in that moment, I thought it was both fun and funny. Fortunately, my wife Lisa is not a terribly jealous person!
Ha! That's exactly what I thought too! She was looking at him like he was a Happy Meal.