Ha! That's exactly what I thought too! She was looking at him like he was a Happy Meal.
AGREE with the Happy Meal thing - It was very, very odd.

meanwhile, I really do like Denise and Malcolm.

I think Abi is really crazy (this is not news)

I like having two tribes and two challenges, it helps me learn the players better

I was surprised they got rid of Dawson after the poor performance of the other girl (whose name escapes me)

Lisa was all over that puzzle and seems to be opening up a bit in the tribe - I'm still rooting for her (not even necessarily to win, but I just like her)

I think Malcolm is in a good spot on his new tribe

RC needs to make a move soon - she's gone from being this assertive-in-control-girl to a girl who looks like she's about to cry at every turn (and I do understand this could be editing but I almost felt bad for her last night)

I loved that Jeff called out Abi for not participating (and then when she did she called that girl a *itch for "going for her hair" - WHATEVER)
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