I think this style is primarily driven by the cut Ė I thinkthis is the classic curly girl - big hair cut that distributes the bulk so asnot to get the pyramid shape. I just gota deva cut to help achieve this, but I donít think it needs to be a true devacut, just a cut from someone who understands how to distribute the layers. Once you have the right cut, I thinkdiffusing your hair upside down would help build up the volume.
High Density, High Porosity, Medium Texture, 3B with some kink

Lo-Poo: No Preference
Co-wash: CJ Smoothing Conditioner
RO: CJ Strengthening Conditioner - HG
LI: CK Satin Roots
Styler: CK Coil Jam
Other Likes: Castor Oil; CK Twist Whip, MD CSC
Dislikes: Wheat Protein; Aloe LIs or Stylers