I was surprised they got rid of Dawson after the poor performance of the other girl (whose name escapes me)
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I thought that was a stupid decision. That girl (don't remember her name either) must have been talking up a storm although they didn't show it.

Lisa was all over that puzzle and seems to be opening up a bit in the tribe - I'm still rooting for her (not even necessarily to win, but I just like her)
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I'm rooting for her too and I'm glad she's starting to open up more.

RC needs to make a move soon - she's gone from being this assertive-in-control-girl to a girl who looks like she's about to cry at every turn (and I do understand this could be editing but I almost felt bad for her last night)
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I don't know if it's editing or she really took a blow from Crazy-Abi's antics and then the clue being left out. She really didn't know what to do/think when that happened.

I loved that Jeff called out Abi for not participating (and then when she did she called that girl a *itch for "going for her hair" - WHATEVER)
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It looked to me like she was going for Dawson's throat in that play.
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