To be perfectly honest, I like the way your hair looks in pic number 2 the best. I do think that you could use a better haircut. You could definitely benefit from a cut by someone who knows curls. That wet look from Sherlock is not a good look.

This is the internet, and I'll never meet you in person, so I don't feel bad saying that you sound very insecure about your hair, and this is totally NORMAL for people your age. I'll best most of us curlies hated our hair well into our college years, so if you learn how to handle it now you will be ahead of the curve.

As far as products, you say your hair is dry. You really need to condition it with a rich conditioner. I haven't used it, but a lot of people like Tresemme Naturals. Don't wash it every day. Even if you get it wet every day, just use conditioner most days rather than shampooing all the time.

DO NOT EVER brush your hair. Comb it in the shower to get rid of tangles. This made a huge difference for me when I found out (luckily pretty young).

If you really want beautiful curls like many of the ladies on this site, the secret is using a curl enhancer (like the creams you mentioned) then topping with a gel while its still very wet and not touching it until it's dry. Then once it's totally dry, you scrunch it out til its soft and shiny. I personally can't imagine a guy doing that, but give it a try.

Finally, I really hope you come back and check this thread, and if you take nothing from this, pleeeeaaase just google images of Shaun White. His hair is amazing, and it looks a lot like yours. I know tons of women who would die for his hair, and others who would just love to get their hands in it. You can't change your hair, so you gotta own it! Hope this helps
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RO/co-wash/LI: YTCarrots, DB Pumpkin Seed
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