Oh man - I am so sorry, but I am laughing out loud. Your hair looks just like my sons (ages 18 and 13)! (Their hair colors are different from yours, but otherwise, you're practically triplets.) You are so handsome and your hair is wonderful.

We joke about our Jewfros too, and I know for sure it's an affectionate term for us. Now one of my son's friends calls his own hair an "IndioFro"...and it's definitely for humor, not insult in any way. I'm assuming your are simply using the terminology of your age group, and not being negative about being Jewish.

My 13 year old son is hating his hair the same way you are. He had a terrible cut a few weeks ago from someone who had absolutely no idea how to cut curly hair. Recently he started using some of my products. They are in black bottles, and even though no one else uses his bathroom, for some reason the masculine looking bottles are necessary. The brand he's using is called "Design Essentials", and he's having success with using lots of product to control frizz and keep some semblance of shape in his hair.

Your hair will be a positive "signature" for you - I promise! When my older son was in high school, young ladies were fascinated with his hair. He used it to his advantage and wound up being a guitarist and drummer in a popular band. The hair worked with his musician image. Hair like your hair is easy to spot, and easy to remember. He played saxophone in marching band, and we could never find him until the band took off their shakos. Then we would all look for The Hair and find him easily.

He's now a freshman in college, and he "rocks" his fro. Apparently it gets very positive attention. He has a bit of a vintage Jim Morrison look, but more curly than wavy. He did get a cut recently, but he still keeps it relatively long so he gets the weight to pull it down and not form into springs.

The HUGE thing, as others have said, is to get the right cut from somebody who understands curly hair. The right person can cut it so the weight distributes better and it can either elongate or curl into a shape, depending on what you want. That person can also help you with the gobs of product you're probably going to need to control that head of hair.

Have a look at this: Matt Stone’s Jewfro | Cool Men's Hairstyles Pictures & Styling Tips

On an opposite note, my 75 year old uncle, who bears an extremely strong resemblance to Gene Wilder, only recently gave up his Robert Plant 'Fro. In this case, the 'do wasn't quite as attractive...However, it served him well for ages, literally.

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