When my daughter moves away, Jade (the kitten) will stay with me. He (daughter's best friend) got Jade to be a companion pet for me because I am disabled. He surprised her with Jade, her bought a carrier, the food bowls and the litter box, and the ASPCA has given food and will provide the shots. Obviously she is our pet.

I don't know about kitten/cat behavior. What should I expect? How do I care them other than food and water? Is a cat genie a good investment since I can't clean the litter box?
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First Jade is ADORABLE!!!

Cats are pretty self sufficient other than food and water and brushing occasionally to keep the amount of hair shedding down you should do great with her. The first 12-14 weeks of a cats life are when you want to socialize them as much as you can. The more people and the more different types of people you can have around them the better. Make noises if you're a noisy person. Play lots of music/tv. Do what you can to get her used to variety over the next 6 weeks.

When we got our kittens we had two "get to know our cats" parties. Sounds crazy but they met and were played with by so many people that to this day they LOVE people. We also invited (one on one) a friend with white hair, a friend with crazy huge hair, friends with glasses, a friend with a super deep voice and my husbands mom in a wheel chair. We even asked people to come over wearing weird hats so they were used to everything. They are more like dogs than cats. They never run and hide from people like other cats do.

To your other question... I don't know anything about the Cat Genie except for reading the website. It looks really nice but it's pretty big so would never fit in our bathroom. If you can make it work in yours it looks like it would be great to have. You said you are disabled. If you don't mind me asking, do you have someone that comes in to help you at all? The reason I'm asking is that since the Genie is mechanical and you can't really fix it yourself (I'm assuming) it would be great if you had someone that could "maintain" it if there was ever an issue. We had a self cleaning electric one that scooped the poop into a tray. It broke within the first year. We didn't notice for a few days as it's supposed to take care of itself. Ugh that was a gross pile of poo. Mistake!

Wow, sorry that was a book! I hope you have tons of wonderful years with your beautiful Jade!
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Thanks Eche. I appreciate your response. Great suggestion about socialization.

My daughter is my caregiver for right now.

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