Okay, well, I'm finding even coconut oil isn't great - it's not as bad as protein, but my hair doesn't like it.

Is argan oil protein?

I just do well with KCKT and KCCC and some Jane Carter smoothing over it! That's about it these days! I'm limited.

I just tried a SheaMoisture DT but it has soybean oil in it.

I wonder if others react to natural proteins like avocado oil
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Lilagirl, I understand your frustration and your need to experiment, but if your hair likes the KCKT and KCCC and Jane Carter, werl...then maybe stick with it? lol

One of the things I am discovering in this whole curly hair process is that you have to keep trying things, yes, but if you try too many at once, you and your hair will just get confused! Myself I have found it useful to try only one line or one type of thing every 2 weeks, then use process of elimination to find out what it is my hair likes/doesn't like. It's slow and tedious, but it works...don't give up, tho, you will for sure discover things your hair likes I know some gals here can't hack protein but swear by avocado oil etc - and - of course - what works awesomely for some people won't for you, because all of us have different hair, with differing needs...I do know if you use a protein-based deep treatment, you have to follow up with moisturizing condish, or it will kill your hair ;p

I have found the most useful way to triage new products is to search different brands using the "no protein" option on the filter, then reading the icons that appear below the product to let you know what is in it - *before* I commit myself to buying or trying!

I wish you luck in your product/oil hunt, I am doing the same, these days...

ETA: My hair can't hack argan oil or Moroccan oil...don't know if it has protein or not, but a lot of the conditioners/poos that have those products in them also have protein in them!