What a cutie patootie!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Coily. You have cats right? Do you have tips or suggestions for me?
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Yes. I do. I have 2, but I got the first one and she was alone (until dog came into the picture) then cat #2 2 years later. My older cat (5) was my first cat as an adult.

It's true that cats are mostly self-reliant and independent. When Brandi was a kitten, she played A LOT. A LOT!!!!!! Did I say A LOT? I would get home from grad school, play with her for almost an hour and she still had energy to go on through the night--she would jump and run around on my bed when I was sleeping. I had to lock her out of the bedroom for a while till she learned that it was "mummy sleepy time".

All I did was feed her, keep fresh water in her bowl and pick up her poo/change the litter when needed. I tried to walk her on a leash, she didn't like that. And I also tried taking her to petco, she just scratched up my neck the moment we stepped in. Now that there's two (Chui is 2.5), they play with each other and I don't really do much playing with them. Just sometimes like with a laser pointer (they LOVE that). And sometimes I play Ninja Kitty with my Brandi (Chui doesn't get it). It's pretty hilarious. They both talk a lot too.

I brush them to minimize shedding --Furminator is a really cool tool. I have a long and medium hair cat and it works great on both of them

I didn't socialize them much, but they've both visited CA with my family during the holidays.

Jade looks like she has a ton of energy and likes to play. A laser toy is really good as well as little toys that she can bat around with her paw. My cats love catnip, so I get them these little catnip fabric "candy" from our local pet store. The also like wheatgrass, so I have that for them. And for treats they love Greenies.

I don't know if any of this was helpful--it was more of me rambling about my babies than anything else

ETA: Oh and I have a catgenie littler box. BEST.THING.EVAH!!!!!!!

Yes, my kittehs are spoiled little furry beings.

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