I stick out like a sore thumb at school, and my tan skin and dark curly hair doesn't help either, My hair is still growing but currently its only at my shoulders. I wear it in a bun, since I have no experience with hair and I hate wearing it down...In addition to this struggle, almost all of the guys at my school date straight haired pale skinned girls. But I have no idea how to talk to this guy I have a crush on who has bright blonde hair and baby blue eyes and happens to be lighter than me... I feel that I'm either too awkward, Or being to forward about my feelings toward him, I've had a crush on this guy for a while and he's popular and I'm not, so how do I let him know I want him to chase me and talk to me first? And I also happen to be a really a sappy romantic, like I make Lifetime/Hallmark movies look bad compared to how I fantasize about guys I like.But I have no idea how to talk to one without blushing or stuttering...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Ok, first with the hair, I'd say wear it down. Get the right products and practice on a weekend to see how it turns out. Your crush and some other guys like uniqueness. Since every girl has straight hair, you be the only one who didn't look like everyone which is GOOD! Try looking at youtube videos for cute hair ideas. You could probaly make a cute twist across the front or a braid. Confidence is key! Try to get a new look. How old are you btw? I don't want to give the wrong kind of advice, if you catch my drift. But anyway, the thing is to stick out. And I looovvveee Lifetime ! Lol, hope these suggestions help.

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