I am having a major love affair with Hair One too that started a few weeks ago. I would use it on and off, and liked it, but somehow it got pushed to the back of my linen closet.

I got it back out and have been using daily. (I hardly ever get 2nd day hair due to working out and feeling gross and needing to cleanse every day.) This may seem crazy, but the more I use it, the better my hair gets. Before, I would use it once, and not come back to it again for a few weeks due to the ridiculous amount of product in my stash. But I think maybe consistent use is the key for success with this product?

I have been using it as a cleanser, a condish and a leave-in. It's been great for my color, and my hair seems to be in great condition, much less coarse and dry lately.

I was completely thrilled to see that this comes in litre bottles now, awesome!! I use the argan, but am curious to try the Sweet Almond too. I've used the Olive Oil in the past as well, but didn't love it.

I have tried Wen before too, and liked it OK, but can't justify the price, it's not THAT wonderful.

It's been strangely liberating to be able to clear out most of the stuff in my shower and replace everything with this one simple product!