I've been using the sweet almond but I just bought a bottle of the argan oil today after reading the raves of curly haired folks. I've got about 1/3 left in my little bottle of sweet almond, bought the 32 oz of the argan oil. I like to look at the bottle as half shampoo, half conditioner and then I don't freak out that I'm going through a ton of product. Thinking of starting on the argan oil tomorrow and then saving the sweet almond to try on my daughter... she's turning two in two weeks, but she's got a full head of hair and her curls are starting to look funky. I'm wondering if this wouldn't put the zest back in her hair like it did for me. Don't know what they say about kids using this or what the difference is in the Wen for kids that they're toting now (other than scent). Speaking of scent, I'm kind of bummed the argan oil smells like men's Old Spice and the almond smells so good! Of course, I made my husband smell the new stuff today and he said that was his favorite scent! Maybe because it smells like him?

Really curious to find out what difference it will make. They didn't have the 32 oz containers of the sweet almond. The $19.99 sale on the big containers goes until Halloween, btw.