I do enjoy my Wen.... but I also have high density hair (that's fine too) that could use to be weighed down a bit. I like their CC and their styling creme a fair bit. The other stuff.... meh. Could do with or without. I like that I only use 3 products now, instead of 5-6 that I was using on CG.

I do have to do a clarifying wash every 2 weeks or as needed or my hair feels oily (and there's 'cones in at least the styler).

The Lavender one smells awful. Just awful. I like my Almond one, haven't tried the others.

Although, even with my hair at chin length (dry and curly), I only needed 3-4 pumps to fully saturate my hair. 12 pumps is a rip, and does no different then 3-4. So long as your hair feels coated.... I don't see the difference.