thinking about using rogaine, really desperate to grow new hair because extensions and flat iron KILLED my hair and now I'm seeing way too much scalp. but I'm only 20 and I don't know if I want to use rogaine for life.. does it really work? and how soon after using it do you start seeing results? what other options are out there for hair loss? Any help would be much appreciated!!
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My hair type is 4A, I started using JBC on May 1st to thick my hair and most of all my hair line. After a month of using my hair became very thick except my hair line that I still working on. I your problem is thin hair I recoment Jumaica Black Castor Oil Mix with Avocado oil or almond oil after a month you will see the difference. Mixed a table spoon on your daily rutine and massage directly on your scalve three time @ week. You will not regret.