My hair care routine:
(I'm sure nobody knows my hair products because I live in Austria... xD Of course they all are silicone free)

1. Balea Feuchtigkeitsspülung Aprikose & Milch (moisturizing conditioner)
2. Alverde Glanzspülung (shine conditioner, i found out that it reduces frizz )
- rinse off everything
3. Alverde Stylinggel weißer Tee & Lemongrass (gel)
I do, actually, because I'm your neighbour. (Croatia)
How is Alverde gel working for you? I was thinking about getting it, but I'm so sceptic about products for hair. I know Alverde's silicone free and stuff, but no idea how this particular product works for curls. Does it help form them? Shines hair? Reduces frizz? Makes hair too hard or crunchy?

Thanks or the info!

Looking forward to trying Alverde Glanzspülung. I've used the Avocado one until now and haven't noticed changes frizz-wise.