I just took my DD to a salon to have her hair cut, and the stylist recommended using a razor. Little did I know to say NO! What do I do now? Am I going to have to have it re-cut to avoid split ends?
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She's adorable! Just keep watching it and treat it with TLC. Get frequent trims (or you trim the length) until it grows out. Possibly use protein--even something like AO GBP every so often. And don't go back to that stylist!
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Thank you, Kathy! I didn't feel great about this stylist when I saw her cut DD's hair like straight hair right after I had told her that everyone else I had used did this. It looked better after being trimmed and layered, but I have yet to wash it again and see how it looks when it is curly again.

This pic is actually about 4 years old. She has 2a hair now. I miss the curlier locks, but I try to keep as much curl in her hair as possible. Thanks for the compliment!