I'm Alison, brand new to the site and pretty new to having curly hair. I got my last relaxer 11 months ago. I wound up transitioning without realizing I was. I just knew that I was tired of being on the crack and what it was doing to my hair. I did a chop of sorts in April of this year. I had planned to just keep transitioning for a year but I got annoyed with my straight ends and decided to get rid of most of it in the back and keep my length on top. It's been slowly getting cut away since then.

I think I'm a 4a with some serious 3c tendencies. I have crazy 3b pieces in there too which makes no sense to me, I think you can kind of see it in my picture.

I'm excited to keep on this natural hair journey, I love being able to have curly, straight, wavy!

Later gators!