Giovanni has protein. I can't use the shampoo or the leave in. I only use the conditioner, but a good conditioner is dessert essence coconut conditioner
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Wish I could use it, Sista... (DE Coco). I am puzzled about coconut, as I am protein sensitive and my hair LOVES my twice monthly deep infusions of pure, virgin coconut oil. (Which I now know has protein in it?) But when I tried the Desert Essences coconut products, my hair looked like I had shoved my finger in an electric socket - and I have really fine 2C hair! lol! It was frizzing and waving and wiring - dancing on its own...and not in a good way! I so wanted to love the Desert Essences, but no...I can't go around looking like I stepped out of a!

Any idea why coconut oil might be ok, but none of the other coconut products, anyone? I once tried to add coconut milk to my coco oil treatment, with much regret...I guess just TOO much protein?