Hair is a funny thing. Every few years it seems my hair latches on to a combo of specific products - a temporary HG ... then those products stop working their magic. For the past 6 or so years, I used:

Suave coconut (COwash and LI)
Coconut oil (sealer)

Then my hair became over-conditioned and overly-porous because of a bad dye job and a fresh batch of gray hair (have been graying since about age 20). As of about a month ago, my hair dislikes Suave coconut as a LI and it's all about products with serious keratin protein. So it's Kenra conditioner now. ... As for coconut oil, I can only use it now with a very light hand or it just weighs me down. I'm trying to get away from using it entirely.

KCCC + Joico Joigel Firm is my styler combo of choice these days, rather than just KCCC.

I'm pretty sure the practice of thoughtfully rotated products is my REAL Holy Grail.

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