So I just discovered the shea moisture line and I am sooo happy. Its so cheap and so good. I have 3b/3c fine thin hair that was damaged from coloring it. My hair wouldn't hold its curl like it used to and it was very frizzy. So I bought the shea moisture shine line. I used the shampoo, rinsed the shea moisture conditioner out of my hair, then sectioned my hair in 4 parts and put a little less than a dime of the shea moisture hair milk in each section.

Then I did the same for the curl enhancing smoothie. Then I add catwalk curls one pump in each section. Lastly I take the curling souffle and rub it on my hands (very very little just enough to create a film on my hands) and rake/shingle it thru each section. I rewet and scrunch my hair then difuse it upside down. My hair is lovely. Its curly, bouncy, shinny,...etc. It added so much curl to my hair!! I am so happy oh and it has healed the damage from the color in my hair!!