Do you ever feel exhausted with all the steps it takes to get your hair to look great? I think in our curly world, we feel like we have simple routines and then I watch my friends with straight hair and I just have to laugh at my detailed step by step process!

I definitely don't want straight hair but I want to cut down the steps so it's less fussy. Curly hair has the appearance of being free and wild and spontaneous and yet so many of us use a rigid routine to get it to look like that.

I currently do the following routine every 2 or 3 nights...
- wash with Curl Junkie Daily Fix
- condition with Elucence MB
- put in KCKT and TJ Nourish as a leave in (rake heavily)
- quickly rinse under water to spread the conditioner
- apply KCCC
- quickly rinse to spread
- apply more KCCC
- blot with a T-shirt
- plop for 15 minutes
- let air dry as long as possible
- diffuse until almost all dry

I try to do this at night because otherwise I have wet hair until lunch time...annoying and I look like a drowned rat. But, there are nights that are busier than others and the last thing I want to do is all of the above. I am sorry I sound so whiny but I am trying to simplify everything in my life and my hair is definitely a part of me!

So...are there any of you who simplified your routine successfully? Are there steps that can be cut out without much difference? I am willing to lose some definition or gain some frizz (a little) if it means cutting my time.

Thank you in advance for reading all this!