My routine is pretty simple. I am an early riser, I love mornings! Two to three times a week, at 6:00 a.m. I co-wash and detangle in the shower. I apply sealer oil and one drop of honey (nothing else) to hair that has been patted dry, flipping upside down to make sure to get my nape. Then I turban for 20 minutes while I dress and relax (browse the internet). I take down my turban and clip up my roots. Then I dress, drink coffee (and browse the internet) then drive to work.

At work I take out my clips and allow my hair to continue to dry. That's it. From Start to finish 2 hours, but my hair stays damp for an additional two hours which I don't mind - my hair actually looks best when it is damp - mostly dry.

Of course any routine will vary due to style, length and curl pattern. My hair is long enough that I hardly notices a wonky curls, and there basically isn't any "shape" to maintain, AND I don't even mind a bit of frizz, it gives me volume.

I think the answer the question about simplifying, it is becoming very comfortable with the curl you have, then with a minimum amount of manipulation it becomes defined and something of beauty. It might not be like everyone's idea of beauty, but it is your own particular, natural you.
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I think this is exactly what I wanted and needed to hear. I just have to let my hair be my hair...whatever that means. I wonder how many of us on this site actually know what our hair looks like when it's left without any or hardly any product. We claim that we love our curly hair but we douse it in a variety of products and manipulate it through a number of techniques...are we really naturally curly? Are we the hair equivalent of slapping on layer after layer of thick stage makeup?

Okay, I have gotten a little too deep, here, but you've made me really think...THANK YOU!!