Well, it's been a VERY long time since I posted!! I've actually only just been coming back to read the forums in the last few weeks and I decided to post again. I had spent the last 7 months not wearing my hair wavy. I wasn't straightening it with brushes and/or flat iron; I would just comb it out after a shower and either let it air dry or just finger brush it with my hair dryer on the cold shot button.

I just got a hair cut/trim a couple weeks ago which was the first one I got since early last March. And my hair needed it desperately!! Now that I have my layers back I wanted to start wearing it wavy again since I did miss them. I've noticed that since my hair has gotten longer, my waves have popped out again. They're still not super strong but they are more visible which is nice.

I decided for now that I'm not going to be CG in that I would avoid sulfates and 'cones. I tried that for almost a year and didn't really notice any kind of difference in my waves. I also think because the water in my house is hard, I need the sulfates in my shampoo. I switched over to Herbal Essences Color Me Happy and I like it so far.

My scalp is also doing a LOT better. For awhile, it was pretty bad. Even in the warmer weather, it would be itching like crazy. I'd pull my hair back to look at my scalp and there'd be giant patches of flakes. I couldn't take it anymore so last month I started a regimen of doing a weekly brown sugar scrub sometimes with tea tree or rosemary oil added to them. It has made a giant difference. I may have a couple flakes now but those horrible patches that were stuck to my scalp have gone away, thank goodness. I've also been very careful about washing and rinsing my hair in lukewarm to cool water temps as well as doing scalp massages a few times a week before bed. We'll see how bad this winter will be (I live in North Carolina so the weather can be mild sometimes even in the dead of winter) but I can always add an extra scrub if need be.

Thanks for reading my update and hope all is well with everyone!!!
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