Not addressing Speckla specifically, so . . .

Whenever people talk about how eating out isn't as good as homemade I mostly question the quality of the dining establishments they frequent. It would take an incredible amount of skill to not only replicate but surpass a dish from Eleven Madison Park at home, for example. Nor would my excellent pan-roasted chicken breast ever be better than a sous vide chicken breast.
My pork buns are better than any I've ever bought, but only because I wasn't trying to skimp on filling, but I couldn't possibly replicate the addictive wok hei of stir-fried dishes (like Shanghai Gate's rice cakes) at home.
Basically I read it so often, people saying they make 90% of restaurant food better at home and it's like "wow, so many incredibly skilled home cooks that they are better than trained cooks almost all the time". I mean, if you go to restaurants where they're watching out for cost above quality and the cooks are a bunch of shoemakers, sure, but the claims get ridiculous after seeing them over and over. I know there are a lot of mediocre restaurants out there, and there are times also when something is really good, but yes, you could do it better, but I don't know, those times don't happen that often because I just try not to frequent mediocre restaurants.