Firstly, I am SO amazingly glad this place exists. As a redhead my hair is the FIRST thing everyone notices about me! (When I was little I learned to say "From my grandma Susie" before I could tell people my name or age because everyone asked me "Where did you get your pretty red hair?") So having a bad hair day, makes my days extra bad. I have been embracing the curl since college when I stopped straightening it. However, recently the horror and hair-shame have come roaring back as I have been trying for the first time to grow out my hair. The curls were great and easy when my hair was short but upsetting and difficult and frizzy and awful now that it's long!

After being inspired by a lovely post on reddit I came here and have learned so much, already. I went out and hunted down a bunch of product (Curly Kinky and Miss Jamie's, mostly) and bought a hair dryer. (The hair dryer part was a BIG step. These things have caused me a lot of upset in the past.) Today my hair has been cleansed and rinsed and had conditioner left in it. I used hair product (also new to me.) I plopped, I DIFFUSED! It has been wild, I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow after I go to the gym. Hopefully with a little more finess.

I hope all my fellow newbies find what they need to have amazing hair and feel the self confidence they deserve through this community. I am so grateful, it feels sort of vain to be so upset/obsessed with your hair but it can be a really big part of who you are. I'm excited to figure out what works, and having a place to come when I need help.

Thanks for existing Curly Girls! (And curly guys!)

Oh... and any tips on the diffuser? I felt like I was really flailing around with that thing.