Just wondering, but has anyone ever tried doing vinegar rinses only? I'm thinking about it and even tried it a couple of times and I like it. Is there any bad effects if I use vinegar (diluted, of course) as the main way to wash hair WITHOUT baking soda (maybe once in a while if needed)? I don't have a problem with the smell and even made some infused ones. Yum. And the smell disappears when it dries anyway, but I wouldn't mind if it stayed. The infused ones actually smell good. Not like vinegar at all. I do CO washes too, sometimes, but maybe not as much or at all if I really like the vinegar rinses. The vinegar rinses hasn't made my hair dry or anything. Greasy once too, but probably because I used too much. If anything, I like the effect it has in my hair: curlier, shinier, and smoother. TIA.