when i use suave conditioners to co wash with i need
to use about 1/4 a bottle at each wash...why is this?(
i don't with my low poo)....i put on a big amount,then it feels like i don't have any in my hair so i keep putting it on til i feel like my hair has something in it so i can begin scrubbing my scalp...not sure why it takes SO MUCH to do the job? is my hair 'thirsty"?

also, after several times of using just this product to cowash on the top of my scalp i start getting a white buildup,i can scratch off some white stuff. its not itchy.
would brown sugar mixed with the conditioner help get this stuff off? how often would be too much? I do feel like i am scrubbing long enough so i don't think thats a problem and i feel i rinse thoroughly.

2c hair, low to low-med porosity,coarse dense hair.no coloring or heat used on it.....pretty healthy.