Prepooed with Africa's Best herbal oil, coconut oil, condish (I forget which, probably Tressemme Naturals) for 8 hours underneath a plastic cap covered with a satin cap and a beanie. Shampooed with diluted Suave Naturals (trying to use it up), applied Aphoghee 2 minute, rinsed, deep conditioned with HE Honey I'm Strong and regular old honey, applied two plastic caps, a satin cap, and a bandanna, and watched YT vids for an hour. Rinsed, and my hair has NEVER felt so wonderful, nor has it ever been so defined. Well, it looked/felt this way when I was cleansing using bentonite clay.

Sitting here with a t-shirt on my curls, watching the debate. I'll use a leave-in, oil my scalp with WGHO and the Africa's Best stuff, seal with castor oil, and put my hair in two pigtails.