Slightly OT - but I'll bring it around:

So, I've finally tried a Wen. I ordered 3 of the 6 oz. bottles from Amazon (Fig, Lavender & Tea Tree). I didn't really need a wash yet, but I figured, what the heck? So I washed with the Fig tonight. I can definitely see why people are so surprised by this stuff...I definitely have never used anything quite like this, and I've used thousands of products. I think the formulas are different, but what I've observed so far is that the Fig has incredible slip, and it detangles like nothing. Even with KCKT I have to work at it, but this Fig stuff just seemed to dissolve the tangles. I put a little in as a leave-in, and even though it will take all night for my hair to dry, it feels like it's drying faster than usual...I don't know if that's a bad sign or a good sign.

And back to the Hair One discussion - based on only one use I'm already sure I prefer the Hair One Argan Oil to the Wen Fig. The Wen Fig is similar to Hair One Olive Oil in its softening properties, (but the Olive Oil doesn't dissolve tangles quite like Wen). However, the Hair One Argan Oil not only seems to cleanse my hair more thoroughly, it seems to add "life" to my hair. My hair springs into curls even before I put curl cream in it. I can "feel" by the way it's drying, the Wen is going to leave me with poofs, and no definition at all. The Fig, at least, seems almost "too" softening, so it doesn't give any weight to my hair. It feels amazing as it detangles, but the end doesn't seem to be much different from the days when I drenched my hair in Herbal Essences Totally Twisted or Fructis Sleek & Shine conditioners. My hair is going to look more "teased" than curly.

The Hair One Argan Oil feels much nicer on my scalp, too.
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