Hello everyone! Before I start, I just want to add that this might be a little long...

Anyways, I will begin by saying that I am 14 years old, in good shape, and mostly healthy. However, I find that my hair is much more weaker and thinner than it used to be. I remember having a thicker pony tail (this was before I started wearing my hair curly) and when I straightened it, it looked just like my sister's (who has straight hair with normal thickness). My hair falls out a lot more and sometimes I find my roots hurt from leaving my hair up. I think my hair loss/hair thinning may have been caused by these things, but I am not completely sure.

- headbands? I know it sounds weird but I have read that the strain of headbands can cause hair loss? I wore headbands and my hair done up in a bun for most of grade 6 & 7, so about 2 school years?

- worry ; I have never been diagnosed with anxiety or anything, but my mum complains that I worry a lot (I admit that sometimes I do) and I know that that is a major cause of hair thinning/hair loss?

- shampoos/not caring for my hair ; I was never gentle with my hair when I was younger and did not care for it because I could never tame it.

- low vitamin/iron intake... I don't know if iron/protein intake has to do with hair growth, but I thought it might be helpful to add that for the majority of 2-3 years, I did not have meat/seafood/etc products! I did have eggs, but not very often because I didn't enjoy them. I have recently started to include meat products in my diet again.

That's mainly what I can think of right now. If you have any help, I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking of taking vitamins and changing my diet if that would help? Or am I being completely crazy and over thinking it all? ^ _ ^

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