I think it all depends on what you are used to as to what you will prefer. I moved recently to a place with hard H2O from a place with soft and I hated what the hard water was like. I felt dirty every time I took a shower. Like a sticky film was left on my body & hair. I had that "squeaky dirty" feeling. I bought a shower head filter to filter out some of the chlorine (which really wasnt even the problem) and impurities but that barely did anything. Then I got the Malibu shampoo for hard water which helped a little with the buildup in my hair (and I barely use any products) but it did not help with the grimy feeling on my skin, the excessive dryness and itching, the break outs all over my body (and I used very minimal body wash!) One thing I learned is that when you have hard water you should NOT use extra soap to try to make a lather- I saw an experiment done which proved that more soap only equals more buildup- it will NOT help with cleaning!!! Also my clothes have been wearing out faster & no matter how many dryer sheets I used they were stiff after drying and stains/smells were NOT coming out but actually being "set" in instead. GROSS!! Our hard water level was a 10 which is moderately hard and I now know for a fact that it WILL NOT wash as well as soft water. We finally broke down (after 5 miserable months) & got a water softener installed yesterday!! I am SO glad to have soft water again!! I felt CLEAN after a shower for the first time in a long time! My light bouncy waves are back today- no more heavy, weighed down, dirty-feeling, tangled unmanageable mess of hair any more! My natural body oils are able to get through again because the film of soap scum is being cleansed away and my pores are opening up again! I cant wait to see the tranformation over time. I will never take my water for granted again after this whole ordeal! Also, the people that have lived here (NW Michigan) all their lives pretty much dont know any different- they have nothing to compare it to so they used to it and it seems normal to them. I am the biggest fan of soft water now and nothing can convince me of anything else after this mess.