I've just decided to start going curly (within the past 2 weeks) and my mother and I have always had joint frustrations with my hair, but that was due to lack of knowledge. We'd invest in smoothers and shampoos for very dry hair (which still had sulfates in them) because we just didn't have the knowledge. My hair all my life has looked mostly straight with a huge amount of frizz. Every school dance (except for prom, where we had a professional do it), wedding, or other dressy event, we'd try to tame my hair. This meant blow drying it straight. This had varied results and would still be somewhat poofy and would barely last the night unless huge amounts of product was put in it.

It wasn't out of any idea she had that straight was better, more that she didn't realize that my hair really wanted to be curly. It had gone very frizzy after puberty, but never showed a defined curl. She has always blow dried her hair before work after showering. Mine takes forever to dry, so I just tended to air dry it or shower in the evening and put it in a bun. Part of it is that my frizz most likely comes from my father's side of the family and my brother always had a much more defined curl (though he had a bit of an afro for the first few months whenever he decided to grow it long). She tends to keep her hair much shorter than mine, as well, though I think she might also be a bit curly, but less than myself.

I recently told her that I was going to try going curly. I thought she'd think it was silly, not because she was against curly hair, but because she might think it was a ploy to get my to buy really expensive products. However, her response was that she thought it made a lot of sense and is looking forward to see what it looks like at Thanksgiving. I think she is almost experiencing this vicariously through me, so that's somewhat fun. I'm going to try to convince her to experiment with curly at least once when I see her, which I think she'll be open to. At least I know if my children inherit my hair at all, I'll be better equipped to deal with it.