So many types of zombies, you have to plan for all of them.

George Romero Zombie: the original prototype. This is the type most of us are familar with. blow to the head and they are out. They are slow, and easy to get away from when there are a few. But if you get cornered you are dead. one bite, one scratch you are dead. already dead? you will be back. the cause is most likely something the gov did. we maybe able to survive this. if we band together. but as later seen in romero's Land of the dead, people dont evolve, but the zombies sure will. in the end we may still be screwed.

Resident evil zombies- caused by a corrupt private company called the umbrella corp. they deveiled teh t-virus which causes all kinds of mutations. we will be faced with zombie people, animals, even plants!l Lets just say, we are screwed if this is what we will face. We will need granade launchers to take out some of the bosses. anyone here got one?

28 days later zombies: infected with "Rage" you become a raging animal bent on rtearing apart anyone near you not infected with "rage" they can run, swim, climb. But unlike the tradiionla zombies, you dont need to shoot them in the head, just hack away and that should put them down. one bad thing about these "zombies" is one drop of blood in your eye you turn within minutes. and yes he can spread and wipe out all of england within 28 days.

Shaun of the dead zombie: While you will get a fair amount of comic relief, you still cant forget these zombies want to eat you. Bright side: if you are a good actor you can bypass them by imitation. also you can chain them up and treat them as pets, entertainment, or playing video games. There's a good chance we can survive these zombies.

these are just a few zombies we may face. I will post more zombies later.

oh yeah, iroc you are thinking grind house: planet terror. and i believe dairy of the dead, another romero film.