Well, the thread title didn't say the zombie fakeopalyse, or the Dress Like a Sexy Zombie Fighter apocalypse.

It's like those dumb Halloween costumes for women.
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
I'm stating that Alice kicks ass. And Resident Evil is one of my favorite movies. And it is based on a video game. And if there IS a zombie apocalypse and I AM kicking ass, then I'll wear whatever I want cause it doesn't matter anymore and I'm killing everything so I win.

Plus, horny adolescent video game geeks will likely be eaten, or only survive bc I've saved them, and if they need to use my zombie fighting attire as imagery for their fantasies then I really don't care bc did I mention I'm kicking ass?

If I'm surviving said zombie apocalypse and cutting the heads off crazy flesh eaters, I'm not gonna be slowed down by a pair of dickies!

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