The dogs turn into zombies as well. Obviously. As do any birds and animals that would eat roadkill.
The mall was fairly safe until people started doing dumb things, letting people in and out, and letting zombie babies be born and such.

You can't keep pets in a zombie apocalypse. They get bit, and you have to kill them like in I Am Legend, and It's too damn sad.

I would BE Alice from Resident Evil because she is so friggin badass.

In Resident Evil Apocalypse (2)
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And Extinction (3)
Attachment 26301

And I would live here
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But I'm only dealing with normal, zombies. Not these super charged zombies that can run and climb and swim. Hello? Who came up with that?

I've seen so many zombie movies, I tend to get them mixed up.

Zombie Land is the sorta funny one with Woody Harrelson

Dawn of The Dead was in the mall

LAND of the Dead was with the hottie Aussie from the Mentalist where they evolve and learn and stuff. weird.

Quarantine was the rabies outbreak zombies.

Resident Evil, my favorite, was the global company test gone wrong.

There was the Quentin Tarantino one w Rose McGowan, what was that?

and the one where the kids leave school on vacation and end up in their rich friends panic room? Can't remember that one either.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Planet Terror is the Tarantino film.

You forgot the best of the best: 28 Days Later.....rage virus. LOL

Oh and the old school and awesome Night of the Living Dead (196. RIP Ben.

Dead and Breakfast

28 Weeks Later

Sure I'm forgetting more...

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