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Originally Posted by Gretchen
it would be helpful for all of us if you would retire the "Trending Topics" - at least "CurlyGurus" refers to content on this site and appears to be more relevant to your membership.

since "Trending Topics" began, i have had close-up photos of women's large breasts and large butts pushed on me; some photos accompanying these "topics" verge on pornographic. as i pointed out in an email to you, and as you know very well, a substantial portion of your membership is comprised of teenage girls. this is hardly appropriate.

yesterday, i went to the 4a board to obtain the information about the young member who died so i could send a donation to her family.

if i thought the topics presented on the non-hair board were bad, i was wrong - you see, when the cookies think you might be of another ethnicity, the topics change. this is an example of what i got this morning:

Is Your Booty Call BF Material?
The Game Breaks His Ankles
Nicki Minaj Talks on Drake and Chris Brown Fight
Is Khloe Kardashian OJ Simpson's Love Child
Lala and Melo Celebrate 2nd Anniversary; Mistress Not Invited
Welcome to Heaven (aka Texas Shredder 2012)
What Was Adrienne Bailon Thinking With This Swimsuit?
What Sean Paul Said About Affair With Beyonce?

Gretchen, Michelle, Alicia - how is ANY of this relevant, educational, supportive or empowering to your membership?

i was very proud of my association with this site and very pleased to write for you for 6 years, but, as i said in my email, and posted yesterday, i am now very ashamed to have my name and my image associated with a site that appears to be pushing prurient "topics" for financial gain.
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