My relationship is over. I've ended it for the sake of my sanity. It is hard, but it has to be. She will begin working with her mother at the new family business, and she will begin paying rent and money on bills.

But it saves me from hearing her cruelty. She doesn't feel that she has the place to berate me if we aren't together, so at least I can feel better about myself. She complained that we will never be able to get better and get together, because she is insecure about us, and my ending it just makes her more. If it has to be that way, it has to be. I'm not giving up my self-esteem for her. She builds herself, I build myself. If that is all we will do, then separately we will make it. I don't care. I'm not willing to give up my mental health for someone else. Call me a jerk. An *******. Self-centered. whatever.


The girl that I work with (the paralegal in my team) i think is trying to sabotage me. I'm not sure its on purpose, but I feel that if she is given ANY opportunity, she will throw me under the bus without a second thought about it. She won't give up any work to me. Not even copying. She is a paralegal! Is she billing for copying? She really should be preparing documents, emailing them to me to finish, and get out. But she tries to do it all. And people in the office are noticing. And not just other secretaries.... attorneys! Since she is at a networking thing for the next couple of says, I'm going to do my best to get things corrected around here! Email my attorney and ask him for more ability to do work. I'm not into throwing her under the bus, I'm just planning on requesting more work.

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