With all due respect, how has this been adjusted.

4a. SIIDY Jr.
Trae The Truth Speaks About Being Shot
Chris Brown's "Fortune" Tops Charts
Tony Braxton Returns to Small Screen
A Plus Sized Model's Controversial Spread

I guess because I'm black, I'm interested in men being shot, Chris (beaver face) Brown's stacks, Toni (spelt wrong as Tony) Braxton's return to acting (I LOVE HER THOUGH), and I must be plus sized.

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Top 10 Smaller Albums of 2011
You're Probably NOT Shampooing Correctly
Drake Getting Some Quality Family Time
Thieves Target Weaves
Chris Draft Opens Up About Losing His Wife

How exactly are these topics "trending" when they are all over 3 months old?

If this is "adjusted" content, I think NC.com management FAILED.
Most of this is TRASHY CONTENT.