I'm sorry and am sending you hugs.

Your aunt means well but she should either step up and offer to help look after him or back off.
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I know. My aunt is one of my best friends (she is 19 years younger than my dad so more like a sister), and I know she is vey emotional and makes emotionally charged decisions. She is also a nurse and has heard/seen so many horror stories which is partially where she gets her fear. But she isn't thinking of the well being of her mom as much as she is thinking emotionally about her dad. She said to me "I feel like I have lost my dad already" and I think she is holding hope that he will get better and that this is some freak thing connected to his anemia.
I spoke to my grandma today and told her that it is up to her and we support whatever decision she makes and are behind her 100%.
The GP is going to see my grandad tomorrow and my aunt will be present. My grandma said she is going to bring up the idea of a home or some 24 hour care and hopefully my aunt can see some reason at that point.
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