about this time every season, I ask myself "why am I watching this again?" - I feel the mid-show slump and get a bit bored - and I also know that now that I've started watching I'll have to see it through to the end. This season's hook was Lisa Whelchel and I'm so proud of her this week - she totally worked hard in both challenges and I was a little annoyed that Jeff didn't comment on what a great job she did slinging those balls to Malcolm (that phrasing is a bit off, but it's making me giggle).

What's up with the blond guy who is a "track coach" - he looked and sounded stoned out of his mind every single time they showed him - and then he asked Penner if that is who he was voting for! shaking my head. Can't believe Penner is still in it, I was sure they were going to make the move to get rid of him.

Abi - I try really hard to find something likable about people, but I'm really struggling trying to find something about her

I'm glad RC is getting her mind back in the game.

I'm hoping that Malcolm isn't leading Lisa on in the previews for next week.

Has anyone else noticed how short the episodes are? with the "previously on survivor bit at the beginning" (that really is too long), the commercials, etc - and my DVR showed tribal ending at 54 minutes. then several minutes of commercials then the exit interview and previews. Surely they could find another 5 minutes of drama per episode for us.
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