Great thread! I started a thread a while ago I can not find [unless my 'name' was diff't...] regarding how your hair looks product free.

My question is: Are all the steps necessary? I guess it depends on what beautiful is to you (?) Product or no, your hair would be still curly, right?

I, too, got tired of the steps...mostly cuz I like to play in my hair. I experimented this week with trying a change up...but my basic reggie works okay. then again, I am not too hooked on rigid, super defined hair. I am subcribing to this...
growout from baldy since 10/11
modified cg; cones & mild sulfate 'poo
-cowash: fave 2: vo5 strawberry
-rinseout:herbal essencesbodyenvy;color mehappy
-leave in: infusium 23 repair/renew spray
-dc: gvp conditioning balm