I'm so glad I came across this thread. It made me realize that maybe I should switch stylists. She is sweetheart but she does not like someone telling her what to do since she is the "professional". I finally got her to do a dry twist out style because I preferred it as opposed to wet styling. However, she looked at me crazy when I asked her to do it. In the OP first post, if I went to her and mentioned to only cut this part or to cut at a certain angle, she wouldn't like it. She even mentioned that everyone thinks they are a hair expert on Youtube and these forums and that they are not hair experts. But, I've learned so much from the hair communities and Youtube. Plus their hair is gorgeous most of the time.

Also, she only trims my hair if its blown out and wants me to come once a month so my ends can stay in good shape. I think trimming/dusting ends every 4 weeks is a little excessive. I do have fine 4a hair and I know that it is fragile. I always make sure to moisturize my ends. So, I'm thinking of trying a new stylist named Christina Carsillo who does the Deva Cut method. I see that she has rave reviews and cuts hair in its dry curl state.

Last question: When getting a blowout, does a round brush cause more harm due the bristles as opposed to a denman brush?
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