It's nice when someone tells you to your face that you act super depressed and that you should try and act happy and this whole time you have been trying to act happy it's just that sometimes you do feel down. But clearly your sad face trumps your happy face. Then that same person tells you, that your personality sucks and you talk about random things that no one cares about. NO ONE. NO ONE CARES. WHO CARES ABOUT IT. NO ONE.

Guess that's why my roommates never invite me to anything or people who claim to be my friend never invite me to anything. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PROVE THAT I'M NORMAL WHEN NO ONE INVITES ME TO ANYTHING?

I just feel like a loser all the time.

I don't want to exist anymore.
What's the point, clearly I suck at life. No one likes me, I'm such a bore.

This is why I want to live by myself so that my loserdom wouldn't have to be rubbed in my face all the damn time.

dear rick please wack me in the head,

sincerely a miserable turtle.
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Where do you live?

Let's hang-out.