Yes ma'am and thank you.

I wash with shampoo, sulfate free. Twice a week. I use Giovanni triple treat or Shea moisture curl enhancing shampoo. And then I apply Tresemme moisturizing naturals conditioner, a very good amount and detangle and scrunch, and just leave it in. And get out of the shower and use a tshirt to scrunch it occasionally until it's dry. And that's it. :/ sorry i don't do much. But i also baggy with conditioner and honey and jojoba oil twice a week and sometimes Nubian Heritage Evoo and Moringa deep conditioner or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie for a little protein. But that's all i do hair wise. Maybe it'll help you, idk. I just try to stay veryyyy moisturized.

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Wow! You really do take good care of your hair! I will have to look into some of the products you mentioned. Last night, I washed my scalp and hair with Deva Curl One C, added a tiny bit of Angel, scrunched and diffused. My hair is very soft and the curls came out pretty good. I am going to try this for a awhile and see how it goes. Thank you so much for anwering my question, DepressedCurls. I live near quite a few stores where I believe I can get the products you listed. Believe me, I will write them down and take a list to the store with me.
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Oooh, maybe a new HG routine?!
But yes thank you and no problem at all. I answer all questions and help the best i can. Definitely look into them. They're not very expensive at all and they work like a charm. Goodluck love!

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