I've been pretty much without products for the past two years now. I aim for chemical-free products if I do pick up the occasional bottle of clarifying shampoo, etc. My question is, is it a good idea to try a product by a company whose products are typically for "black" hair? I have thick 3a hair that is not particularly oily or dry, and is naturally pretty soft and smooth without product. I'd really like to try Nubian Heritage's Heat Protect Keratin Hair & Scalp Serum. I haven't straightened my hair in years and I want to be able to do so, but I know I need something to protect my hair. This is the only all-natural product I could find. There are also several other products I've been interested at Curlmart, but I'm wondering if these products are aimed towards thicker and drier hair, and as a result might make mine greasy or heavy. Has anyone had any experiences with this? I've used a bit of Argan oil and Jojoba oil on my ends and it seems to work fairly well, I'm just nervous about something I would be using in more copious amounts. Thanks!