You said you're AA, so I'll assume that means you likely have hair in the 4-type range. In terms of bleaching hair, I'd personally take Princeton's advice and just stick with spray color.

Darkly-hued coily hair generally gets damaged if you bleach it as high up the color spectrum as orange (and WRECKED if you raise it to light or pale blond). It often ends up feeling/looking like straw and becoming over-porous. And you want to apply a perm as well as bleaching it? Ugh. I don't think your result is going to be cute.

But another view is: if you intend to keep your hair short and your hair grows at a reasonable rate, you might not mind abusing it with bleach along with S-curl chemical. It'll hopefully grow out fast. Still ...

Gotta tell you: in my mind's eye I see hair disaster on top of texture wreckage with this combo. If you're set on attempting this, I recommend doing it with the help of an expert or doing lots of research ahead of time. And spreading out the two treatments so you don't do one immediately after the other.

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